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What is Ceramic Coating?

Unlike a wax, for example, a ceramic coating adheres to and bonds with a car’s paint and cannot simply be wiped off and reapplied. The process is a very detail oriented procedure as we totally correct your paint before applying the coating. The paint on each panel must be buffed, polished, smooth, consistent and, for the best results, performed by an experienced professional.

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Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

Ceramic coating will protect your paint against dirt and grime and keep it looking clean longer. No matter how many times you wash your vehicle the paint will never look as good as it did when it was brand new, unless you get it Ceramic Coated. Every client who gets a Ceramic Coating is provided with a certificate of warranty. This covers the coating for 2,5, or 9 years and is transferrable which increases the resell value. Call us today or visit us at 190 West Street, Brantford, Ontario to learn more about getting your vehicle coated.

What Products Do We Use? Gtechniq


Gtechniq Ceramic Coating Made in Europe

Coating The 2021 Ford Bronco


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